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The Youth Alive Victoria School Tour occurs annually in the week leading up to our Youth Alive Main Event. We partner with a variety of musical talent to bring fun and engaging sessions to over 50 schools throughout Victoria. We would love to invite your school to be a part of this.

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Chapel services form an integral part of the life of many High Schools across Victoria.

Youth Alive Victoria has a team of Christian Youth Speakers from across our state that is ready to serve you in your Chapels and/or Assemblies. Our team can tailor content when needed to help speak into your desired topics.


Really enjoyed having Youth Alive visit. The speaker was enthusiastic and genuinely made all efforts to connect with the students/audience. Their message was relevant and engaging.

Victory Christian College



Kane Paul

Youth Alive High Schools Coordinator
and LIFE Church Youth Pastor

Kane is a dynamic speaker, bringing the Bible to life through relevant story-telling and humor that is relatable to teenagers today. He is still active in Youth ministry as a Youth Pastor in his local church where he speaks regularly into the lives of the young people he leads. He is passionate about seeing young people understand their God-given potential to make a difference in their world, right now! Kane is spearheading all things schools for Youth Alive as, in his words: "Schools are our biggest mission field for Youth!" 


Dave Edgar

Youth Alive Vic State Director

Dave is a passionate evangelist; he's articulate and has a powerful testimony of loss, tragedy and the power God has to bring good from moments of despair. He has degree in ministry, sound bible knowledge and carries a strong anointing for the impartation of breakthrough faith.


Ailen Edgar

Youth Alive Vic State Director

Ailen is passionate about empowering young people to step into their God given destiny, as well as equipping leaders as they minister to highschoolers. She is a first-generation Christian who decided to follow Christ in a local youth group and has seen firsthand how God can transform a life through youth ministry. 

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Dave Reardon

State Academy Director

Dave Reardon is a passionate and lively speaker, coupling a wealth of leadership experience with colourful tales, tall and true, from years of working in the media. He oversees Youth Alive Academy in Victoria, equipping the next generation of young leaders to impact their world. A best-selling author, Dave and his wife also run a YouTube channel with almost 5 million subscribers.


Bevan Kay

Youth Alive Vic Operations Manager

Bevan is a key part of the Youth Alive team and has over 10 years experience in Youth Ministry, having served as a Youth Pastor for a number of years.


Dave Doolan

Leadership Coach
& Red Frogs

Dave is regularly in front of groups speaking, teaching and empowering teenagers and young adults to confidently make positive life choices through his work with Red Frogs. He is passionate about helping young people find their purpose in life. Dave is originally from the  Bendigo community where he led the Youth ministry of  Connect Church. Dave now mentors Youth Pastor’s across the state within his role with Youth Alive. 


Aaron Di Placido

Schools Coordinator

Aaron is a vibrant evangelist with an engaging message of hope and purpose, sharing stories of overcoming challenges with humour and optimism. Aaron brings his infectious enthusiasm to the school's ministry for Youth Alive, where he sparks excitement and inspires young minds to uncover their faith journey with joy.

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