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Youth Alive Victoria

2020/2021 Impact Report

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A letter from our State  Director

Youth Alive Victoria exists to reach, raise, resource and revive a generation through the things of God. 


Like any other Victorian ministry, we have faced some challenges over the past two years with COVID restrictions and lockdowns forcing changes to many of our plans. However Youth Alive has always operated with a level of faith that has positioned us to reach many thousands of teens each year. So while there have been plenty of surprises and obstacles that have prevented events and in-person gatherings, our team has continued to steward their call to reach young people for Jesus. Lockdowns or not, this call remains and I’m so proud to have seen our ministry as well as youth pastors and leaders around the state adapt and continue to reach and disciple young people.


I’d like to thank our amazing volunteers who contribute their time and skill, our financial supporters who have enabled so many lives to be reached, and pastors across the state who are investing in young people. Together we share a vision of reaching young people for Jesus, and together we are laying the foundation for increasingly strong youth ministries across the state of Victoria for years to come.

Dave Edgar.

Outreach Highlights

The team at Youth Alive Victoria has worked together with Victorian youth ministries to:


Train a record 38 Youth Alive Academy bible college students.

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Offer tailored support and advice to youth pastors across the state.

With our team making 1,560+ individual contacts over the year.

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Achieve over 272,000 social media views across our platforms.

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Host 10,600 young people via online outreach events over 2020 & 2021.


Deliver in-person training to 870 young leaders in 2021.

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Reach 5,300 unique users through YTHMIN.COM

A free online youth ministry resource.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is informed through four key mandates; 'Reach. Raise. Resource. Revive.'

We exist to:



Reach people with the Gospel;



Raise up leaders;



Resource local churches to reach youth more effectively.



Revive a generation through the things of God.

Ultimately, we help to future-proof the Church by offering development pathways for young leaders & help create environments where young people can be led to Christ.

2021 Project Highlights


Leadership Development

Our Equip Day was originally planned for Melbourne to be an in-person gathering. Following a snap-lockdown we thought we needed to cancel, then lockdown lifted and with 3-days notice our team were able to mobilise youth leaders and still saw about 250 people attend the event. Many had been feeling flat from the difficulties of 2020, and this was a great pick-me-up in ministry to sustain them.
Our Regional Equip Day in Bendigo also had to be postponed with a snap lockdown. When we got to sneak it in a month later, we saw record attendance from the north and central regions of Victoria with over 150 people in attendance.
​​In the face of repeated lockdowns and restrictions on in-person gatherings, in 2021 we hosted a live-streamed event, ‘Housefires’.

With the purpose of reminding youth leaders of their calling in the midst of a difficult season, and creating space for God to stoke the fire that each of us carry, we had over 1,000 views that night alone, with over 130 youth ministry teams linking in to watch.


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Youth Alive Academy

In 2021 we expanded our Youth Alive Academy to a second location (Bendigo) and now across both bible college campuses we have a record number of 38 students enrolled.

We look forward to opening a third campus in Geelong in 2022.
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300+ Online Faith Commitments



Youth Alive has been a great support to us as Youth Pastors. The Youth Alive regional equip day in May was definitely a highlight for us this year! Ps Dave Edgar’s Youth Pastor session on 'dealing with conflict' was a fantastic resource for us. Youth Alive has only ever been a call away if we have had questions, needed resource such as Youth Camp forms, budget templates or just great pastoral care advice. We would not be able to do Youth Ministry to the best of our ability without Youth Alive’s support and influence. Thanks heaps to Ps Dave, Ailen and the team!

Ps Jake Blabey

Connect Church Bendigo.


I absolutely love the culture at Academy! This was my first year and I found it really warm and inviting, with leaders who take you as you are and then empower you for where you are headed. For me personally, it really set the record straight in terms of how much God wants to use me for a purpose, helping me to understand my calling and equipping me for leadership.  Having students from different denominations also creates an incredible sense of community and totally changed my view of the church. It gave me a beautiful Kingdom mindset, seeing churches around the State working together, growing together and celebrating each other.

Chanah Munday

Kardinia Church Geelong


132 Youth Ministries Served


Future Focused

While we celebrate the milestones achieved over the past year,
we look forward to meeting in person and seeing God move in fresh ways in 2022.
Our gatherings are always inspiring, encouraging and bring a great sense of unity in our state, and we know that after the season we’ve just experienced, we need to gather together more than ever. As we commence face-to-face gatherings once again, God is going to move powerfully across our state and within our local youth ministries.
Can we encourage all Victorian pastors, youth leaders and young people to join with us as we coordinate outreach and evangelistic events, develop young leaders, and future-proof the church by reaching and raising the next generation. If you’re not already involved or connected with Youth Alive VIC – please reach out to our team. We’d love to work together and reach more young people than ever before in 2022.
To every donor, church, pastor, leader; & most of all God

We Say Thank You!

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